Redesign website for a general contractor



Web Designer



Brief Summary

EDiS is a fifth generation general contractor and family of builders based in Delaware. circle S studio was tasked with redesigning their website to increase the percentage of returning visitors, streamline content and optimize the navigation based on the user journey. I was assigned as the lead designer on the project creating the design system, flex modules and prototyping new interactive components.

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As we designed the website, we were evaluating Figma as a new potential design-prototyping tool. We wanted to test the real-time collaboration, prototyping and client sharing features. We found that Figma increased internal collaboration among project teams while reducing billable time for handoffs and edits. I was able to create interactive rapid prototypes to demonstrate new concepts to the client, while improving development handoffs with the high-fidelity mockups. The project management, creative and development teams were able to work simultaneously together to iterate ideas faster and efficiently document the design system, while delivering a high-quality experience for the client.

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